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Are there any features that Podia would consider building in-house instead of using third-party vendors for their video streaming needs?

Len Markidan

COO at Podia

Len: I would say, in general, if it exists and it's good enough, we'll buy it. Everything that we build, we build because we believe that we can do it much better than the existing solution and because we believe that building ourselves will let us serve creators better. So we built our course platform, our site editor, our community platform, the affiliate marketing platform for creators -- the underlying tech that brings all of these different product types and data points into a single place together. But things like video platforms, text editors, email delivery -- we don't really see these as key differentiators for Podia. There are vendors that are focusing all of their energy on solving these problems, and we're very happy to be their customer rather than to build and maintain these things ourselves.

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