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Are international VCs pushing the use of tools like Carta in India?

Kashish Sharma

CEO of EquityList

I think it's catching up, especially in today's time where talent retention is becoming fairly problematic for most high-growth startups based in metropolitan hubs, ensuring that there is good transparency in terms of compensation and equity, the skin in the game factor, which of course the entire startup ecosystem, globally, has been built on. The ability to pretty much bring that together and tie loose ends, I think most of the investors are now realizing how important it is, especially laws and regulations in India that aren't really simple as well. Like in the U.S., most things are fairly templatized and standard. There are multiple, numerous ways to navigate most of the compliances. But India has its own challenges. I think investors now are realizing that it's just best to build the company in the right way and define the culture in the right way as well.

So we are seeing that push. A lot of our conversations are with VCs, by the way, who want us to give the platform exposure to their entire portfolio, and conduct workshops as well. The push is definitely coming top-down as well. A lot of this comes back to the whole talent retention problem. A lot of the founders are fairly cognizant of it, and now they want to act upon it as quickly as possible.

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