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Introducing Sacra News

We're excited to launch into public beta Sacra News, our weekly email digest with the top startup news from across the ecosystem.

Every Monday, we'll email Sacra members a personalized email digest based on the companies that you Follow, plus the top news across all growth and pre-IPO startups.


And we're doing this all programmatically, using our own Sacra News API.

To get started, sign up to become a Sacra member and start following companies.

Personalize your feed with Following

As part of the launch of Sacra News, we're announcing the ability to Follow companies on Sacra to personalize your newsfeed.


To start, Following:

  1. puts the news for the startups you care most about in your weekly email digest, and
  2. ranks the documents in your Sacra dashboard feed according to the companies you most care about

We've also added news to every company page.


We're building Following to connect you with the information & data on the startups that matter most to you, whether you're an investor, founder or employee at a tech company.

Powered by the Sacra News API

Last year, we launched the Sacra News API, which makes it easy to pull news on startups. Since, we've expanded our API coverage 10x from 40 companies to over 400.

  1. duplication: when an event occurs, e.g., a fundraising event, many news articles tend to come out covering the single event. The upshot is that in your app, your users get flooded with repetitive content.
  2. mislabeling news with the wrong company: multiple companies with the same name, e.g., companies named Bolt and Bolt Threads. This decreases the trust in your news feed and makes it challenging to use it for notifications and other higher stakes use cases.

AI isn't a silver bullet and it still requires additional data engineering to turn the results into a production-grade service. But with AI, we were able to stand up a solution in a couple weeks and we're on a trajectory to continually improve our results while doing it highly cost-effectively and minimizing manual tagging.

We've been very excited to see our customers launch our News API into production—secondary marketplaces like Augment.


We're launching Sacra News both to add value to our platform and to show off what we've built with the Sacra News API.

Check out our documentation for the News API and email us at [email protected] to get access.

Get started

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