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Introducing Sacra Net

Hover over company names for context on companies inside of Sacra reports and interviews, then click through to the Sacra company page to learn more.


We've upgraded our reports and documents by programmatically enriching them with context about the startups discussed, and we link through to the Sacra company pages to learn more.

We identified 12,000+ mentions of startups in our interviews and reports.

Check out our recent interview with Geoff Charles, VP of Product at Ramp, or any of our reports and interviews to see this in action.

What makes this fun

We love startups because the ecosystem is so dynamic—especially versus the world of staid, public companies.

Startups catch lightning in a bottle and grow exponentially on the back of insane product-market fit. Others run out of cash and die. Disruptive trends in one market immediately inspire copycat startups across a wide swath of industries.

Whereas public companies have established silos and industries, startups are just the opposite.

That's what's inspiring us to build Sacra Net, our interconnected network of research that brings together our datasets, expert interviews and reports.

Sacra Net helps surface unexpected relationships and crosscurrents between companies and trends across the boundaries of traditional industries, leading to novel insights and ways of investing and building.

AI-powered company identification

We're using AI to derive semantic understanding of research and using that to enrich and interconnect our research.

For example, in our interview with Charles Birnbuam, partner at Bessemer, he discusses Alloy, the fintech KYC/AML startup.

However, multiple Alloys exist including Alloy Automation, the B2B integrations startup and Alloy Therapeutics, the biotech startup.


Sacra's AI-powered algorithm correctly identifies that Charles is discussing a company named "Alloy" and disambiguates the mention among the other companies named Alloy. It then inserts the hover and the link through to the company page.

We're excited to launch this super simple yet powerful use of OpenAI's GPT and use it as a jumping off point for more AI-powered features.

Getting started

Here are a few interviews and reports rich in company mentions worth starting with:

Check it out and let us know what you think at

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