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Introducing Embedded Charts

We're excited to announce the launch of Sacra Embedded Charts, an easy way to integrate live revenue visualizations directly into your own website or application.


Sacra Embedded Charts is available now for Sacra Pro members. 

To get started, sign up to become a Sacra Pro member and start charting!

Put Sacra Charts anywhere

Since we launched our Company API, we've seen exciting integrations from our partners like Caplight and Augment—marketplaces for pre-IPO stock—who have incorporated our research and revenue data into their own app experiences.

With Embedded Sacra Charts, we're making it even easier for anyone to leverage our data on their own website.

Create a new Sacra Chart, customize it with your own brand's colors, grab the embed code, and you get an automatically updated chart of Sacra revenue data that will always reflect the latest information in our database.

Start Charting

Sacra Charts is currently only available to Sacra Pro members.

To become a member, sign up here. Then, just click on "Charts" in the left hand toolbar and start charting!

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