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Introducing Sacra Bespoke

We're excited to launch Sacra Bespoke, our private, at-cost custom research service for startups and private market investors.

Our goal with Sacra Bespoke is to bring management consulting to the startup ecosystem at a value price point. Better, faster and cheaper is our mantra. We want to create the Bain for startup founders and investors.

Sacra Bespoke works by taking client problems and applying Sacra data, research and tooling to them. For example, we've worked with clients on:

Net new data and research that we create gets published (with restriction) to subscribers to the Sacra platform—which enables us to compound our research platform and correspondingly price the services offering at cost.

We synthesize that research with the customer context to produce the final deliverables which we present privately for the client only.

Email us at [email protected] to talk with us.

Why we're building Sacra Bespoke

Fundamentally, we're building Sacra Bespoke to make it easier for startup founders and investors to use and benefit from Sacra research and insights. 

At Sacra, we long have had the design premise of meeting the customer where they are, then working backwards behind the scenes to automate our processes to continually make the production of research better, faster and cheaper.

Since we founded the company in 2020, Sacra customers have asked us to do Sacra research—but not published publicly as Sacra—and instead either for their in-house, operational use or for external publication with the customer's branding.

We observed that founders and investors are comfortable buying consulting and having a white glove, personalized experience centered around them as the main character and their context. With Sacra Bespoke, we work together using calls, email and docs for workflow instead of training the customer on a new platform.

With Sacra Bespoke, we're able to align with how the customer wants to buy and work, offer it at a price point that startup ecosystem participants can afford and compound our platform to continue to make our research better, faster and cheaper.

Enterprise-grade consulting for startups

Sacra Bespoke is led by Marcelo Ballve, previously co-founder of Terra Nova, an early stage venture fund and VP of Intelligence at CB Insights.

Marcelo has advised large corporate institutions, startups and institutional funds and he's done research and diligence as an investor for his own fund.

Along with my co-founder Jan, we have a 5+ year relationship working together with Marcelo on private markets research and we're excited to share that he has joined Sacra as part of this announcement.

Marcelo brings a high level of rigor and an insane enthusiasm for startups, tech and disruptive markets & trends that matches Jan's and mine.

Talk to us

If you're raising money in 2024, definitely speak with us. We have helped startups with their strategic narrative broadly and we've zoomed in to help with challenging TAM sizing and TAM expansion exercises.

In addition, as companies go multi-product, we've helped founders, product leaders and corporate strategy teams formulate and articulate their strategy on moving into and dominating adjacent markets.

On the investor side, we've worked closely with hedge funds, crossover investors and asset managers, where we produce fundamentals-oriented analysis on private companies using our proprietary data and public comps. 

Email us at [email protected] to get started.

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