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2x companies for Sacra News

We've doubled the companies covered by Sacra News to 800 top growth and pre-IPO technology companies, up from 400, along with 62,348 historical news events for those companies.

Check out Oura, Applied Intuition, and Turo for examples of companies we've added. In general, our additions give us more diverse geographical company coverage across China, India, Latin America, Europe and Israel.


You can access Sacra News for these companies via our API, our weekly Sacra News digests and the Sacra Dashboard.

The long tail of startup news coverage

We initially built Sacra News and the News API for secondary marketplaces like our design partner Augment and research platforms like ourselves which require a relatively small number of companies covered. Augment, for example, lists 258 pre-IPO and growth companies available to trade.


After we announced the News API, we got great feedback from founders with sales-oriented use cases. Sales & marketing apps like CRMs and go-to-market platforms—that want to embed news into the platform to give contextual information on prospects and provide signal for reach out—require the long tail of company coverage for the News API to be useful and worth the integration.

We think that Sacra News becomes the most powerful when it's embedded into existing workflows, helping people do actual jobs, versus just being useful or edifying in the abstract.

Behind the scenes

To make this happen, we needed to speed up our operations behind the scenes. 

We went from serial processing to parallel processing, we cached a key calculation that had previously bottlenecked the process and we added more compute muscle by scaling out our servers.

Our use of AI enables us to build this on a lean budget, spending only ~$1k/mo on SaaS and tooling to run this process, which we anticipate will scale up linearly or sub-linearly as we add more companies.

Getting going

To use our Sacra News API, check out our API documentation and email us at [email protected].

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