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“Every private company w/ valuation $100m should reach out to @sacrainc to facilitate analyst coverage for secondary trading”

Harvey Multani

“the quality and depth of research on private companies via @sacrainc is incredibly impressive they open-sourced what a typical hedge fund analyst would produce (a static memo) into a robust (but easy to understand) model on @FrontApp”

Elizabeth Yin

“Another amazing report from @sacrainc! This time breaking down Gumroad - should you invest in @shl's upcoming crowdfunding raise next week?”

Dave Ambrose

“If you're not paying attention to @janerikasplund and @sacrainc then you're not thinking as hard as you ought to be.”

Kyle Harrison

“@beaconsai is all the rage. Press has been great the past week especially. Want to better understand what they’re up to and why the creator community adores their Link-in-bio? Check out the great coverage by @sacrainc @smalter @janerikasplund #creators #monetization”

Suneet Bhatt

“More terrific reporting from @sacrainc makes a compelling argument that WeWork could become a legendary turnaround case study.”

Len Markidan